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Shine ALC
A Self Directed Learning Center

In Sebastopol, CA


Shine is a self directed learning community. We are modifying our vision for Fall 2022 and setting out to create a cohort of around 12 kids ages 6-14. Our program is based on Agile Learning Center tools. 

A 21st Century Education

Children today will need to succeed in a very different world than the one their parents have known.

The future is in the hands of community builders, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. The skills to identify an opportunity, organize a team, plan the work, execute to fulfillment, and build your reputation from these successes do not come from obeying “Sit down, be quiet, and do what I say.”

Children need a setting to develop their fluency in social, cultural, and emotional intelligence, motivation, self-knowledge, and their sense of purpose. They need facilitation sharing their learning and the inspiration of a collaborative community.

This kind of learning isn't just essential for education, but for mental health.  It is taken for granted in our society that many children don't like school and don't want to go.  Allowing children to consent to how and where they direct their own time and energy is essential to their well being.  

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