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Call to Action!


We can't state urgently enough our need for your collaborative input.

This website is a personal invitation and call to action.  We need you!! We certainly can't do this alone.  We need dreamers, collaborators, contributors, families, and facilitators to help make this vision come to fruition.  We believe passionately and whole heartedly in treating children with trust, respect, and autonomy.  We believe in helping children to trust themselves and being in a self reflective process of trusting ourselves at a time when many of our institutions including the educational institution, has drifted far from the needs of many children living in today's world. Our children face unprecedented changes in their lives due to climate change, technology, and social issues. Please help in any way you feel called.  

Who WE Are


Susan, she/they, is a mother and psychotherapist in private practice in Sebastopol, CA.  She has been passionately studying children and their well being since her adolescence when her own mother,  a psychologist, co-founded a center in Los Angeles to treat children with attachment difficulties and special needs.  Susan spent a decade studying infant and early childhood mental health and has worked in preschool settings as a teacher and as a mental health consultant to programs serving young children.  She currently treats adolescents and adults in private practice.  She believes that self directed education is one of the keys to mental health and wellness for many children and is passionately pursuing the vision to create a self directed learning community for her children and all the children who will thrive in this environment.

Willard, he/him, is a father, engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, environmental activist, and musician.  He studied engineering, robotics, and computer science and started Solmetric, a company devoted to producing tools for the solar installers.  He has been a soccer and baseball coach and loves to share his passion for music, electronics, and engineering with his children and their friends.  

Our unschooling journey began when we pulled Rio, our 11-year old, out of school in third grade and began unschooling him.  After a period of deschooling we watched him blossom as we gave him more autonomy over his life and time, and the trust and respect to opt out of things that didn't interest him.  Deschooling ourselves is an ongoing and daily process and practice that involves a lot of reading, support and engagement. We found that the more we read and engaged in this process, the more natural and essential it felt to create a place and community for this kind of living and learning to occur, where children can truly be free to learn. 

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