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Announcement of Job Opportunity

Shine Learning Center is a Self-Directed Education community that serves young people and
their families. Shine Learning Center cultivates a safe, inclusive space where young people
have the autonomy to engage in meaningful learning experiences and unlimited free play in a
mixed-age setting.

Shine is hiring a part-time facilitator to work with its students (roughly ages
6-13) and in partnership with the rest of the program’s team, students, and parents.
Facilitators act as models, space-holders, and mentors of self-directed living and intentional
culture creation. Above all, facilitators need to be grounded in the perspective of trusting
children, partnership-based relationships, and personal responsibility.

Basics: terms, hours, compensation

● This part-time facilitator role would be primarily fulfilled on two days a week, Monday
   and Wednesday from the hours of 9am to 4pm.
● The term of employment begins on September 12, 2022 and will conclude June 7th,
● Compensation is $20-$50 an hour DOE.

   This is the perfect role for you if...

● You have experience cultivating authentic, respectful, and partnership-based
   relationships with people of all ages
● You will take great joy in leading a small group of mixed-aged students that meets each
   day to connect, explore, play, and grow
● You are a passionate, curious, and joyful person with a variety of interests and
   abilities that you will enjoy sharing with young people through offerings made at our
   Set-the-Week meeting and through spontaneous, self-organized activities
● Ability to lead by example; never rely on positional authority
● You are excited to practice the art of “maximum support with minimal interference” in
   the context of working with young people
● You understand and are aligned with the basic principles of Self-Directed Education
● You are comfortable self-starting, adapting to changing circumstances, not always
   having the answer, navigating interpersonal relationships, coordinating logistics, and
   communicating effectively in multiple forms
● You are, yourself, self-directed: you don’t need to be told what to do in order to be
   productive in your role; you can notice what needs to be done and take action, while
   communicating effectively with team members along the way


● Unschooled or previously enrolled at a Self-Directed Education community
● Prior experience with alternative education models
● Prior experience working with young people in outdoor settings (e.g. adventure
   playground, forest school, nature school, outdoor summer camp)
● Skilled at any of the following: animator, artist, dancer, writer, engineer, martial artist,
   musician, yogi
● You can speak multiple languages


● Always arrive fully prepared, on-time, and eager to support Learners
● Serve as a Facilitator, guide, mentor, cheerleader, and confidant to all Learners
● Be a paragon of positivity; never embarrass, insult, yell at, or shame a Learner
● Co-create culture with Learners and other Facilitators in an environment focused on
   autonomy, trust, connection, curiosity, play, and inclusivity
● Serve as a role model inside and outside of Shine
● Be responsive to the questions and needs of Shine Learners and their families
● Participate in brainstorming sessions, learning center improvements, and research

How to Apply:


If you have not already done so, read through and explore:

Agile LearningCenters website and starter kit

The Shine Learning Center website

The Alliance for Self-Directed Education website

Email us at and send:

● A video of you sharing more about yourself, your experience/background, and why
   you’re excited about the idea of joining the team at Shine Learning Center. In your
   video, please answer the following questions:
        ○ How did you hear about this opportunity at Shine Learning Center?
        ○ What unique skills and perspectives would you bring to our community?
        ○ Why you are a great fit for Shine?

        ○ How does deschooling and/or Self-Directed Education look in your life lately?

● A very simple written outline of your work/life/learning experiences (no formal
   resume needed)
● Links to any other work or creative projects you’ve contributed to and are proud of
● Candidates from all cultures and communities are encouraged to apply. Shine
   Learning Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender
   identity, sexual orientation, culture, religion, nor national or ethnic origin.

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